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Are you looking for the best hospital management software? If yes, then you have landed at the most accurate place. All the daily or other important hospital tasks can be easily managed with the help of this incredible software like patient registration, inquiry management, emergency management, and a lot more. Hospital management software is beneficial for hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and laboratories. Hospital Management Software includes electronic health records and business information. We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, developed this software keeping in mind the needs of the hospitals as well as the problems faced by them in maintaining the records in a traditional manner. With the help of our powerful software, all the daily and important records of the hospitals can be easily maintained in a computerized manner.

Best Features of the software

1 Doctor

You can easily add, delete or edit all the doctors available in your hospital with their specialty, qualification, and lot more things.

2 Patient Registration

Similarly, the patients can be added or updated easily through patient registration so that every patient will have their unique token number.

3 Lab Management

All the laboratories can be added and their data can be managed easily. The records of all the lab tests performed in the hospitals can be tracked. For example, in laboratory 1, test 1 is performed for patient 1, and the results can be tracked on the basis of that. So, entire lab management can be done effectively. Even, the lab receipts can also be managed there with print out.

4 Patient Admit

Patient Admit Receipts can be managed in this module.

5 Reporting

Following reports can be generated through this software:
  • Patient Summary
  • Patient Admit Summary
  • Doctor List

6 User Management

Users can be created with the user creation option. User roles can be created with different privileges and you can assign the users to specific roles. Privileges like Add/Delete Doctors, Add/Delete Patients, etc. can be provided while creating user roles.

7 Backup & Restore

You can take the backup of the currently updated data in the software as well as restore the same.


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