Nagarpalika Grievance Software



What is Nagarpalika Grievance?

The Nagarpalika Grievance is basically the grievance or complaints filed against Nagarpalika regarding the problems they are facing. The complaints can be regarding water, electricity, cleaning, etc. For instance, in your colony there is no electricity from the past two to three days, so you can file a Nagarpalika Grievance.

Nagarpalika Grievance Software

In small towns as well as cities, people face a lot of problems related to electricity, water, proper cleaning, etc. So, there is a high demand of Nagarpalika Grievance Software where all the things will be easily managed by the consumer from their phone itself. We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, discovered and understood there is a high demand for such software in the society. So, we have put a lot of efforts and dedication to make such an amazing product and solve a major problem in society.

From the past few years, Leo Fintech Solution is known for its quality and result-oriented products. Whenever any individual files any complaints to the centralized system, a unique id will get generated and with the help of this id, all the processes will be tracked. The individual will know the status of the complaint he has filed. Like after he has filed the complaint the actions taken to solve the problem or the other authorities contacted by Nagarpalika all the things will be known by the user. He will know the status of where the complaint is gone till now and finally when the problem is resolved, he will get notified through SMS or email. The information in the software gets updated daily, so the user will know the current status even after days of filing the complaint.

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