RTO Reporting Software

As we know a regional transport office or RTO which is responsible for the registration of vehicles, issues driving license. RTO Reporting Software is created for RTOs to make their work of reporting much easier than ever. Whenever we break any rules on the road like not wearing helmet, Overspeed, etc, the policemen issue a challan to us. It is the responsibility of the RTOs to make various monthly reports related to challans made.

In today’s world, where a lot of rules are broken everywhere and a lot of challans have been made, so tracking them and make different reports is quite a complicated task. Understanding the market needs, Leo Fintech Solutions introduce the best RTO Reporting Software. The system is particularly created for RTOs only and that will help to make their reporting process much easier.

How does it work?

1 All the details related to challans made by policemen need to be inserted in the software.

2 A report will be generated in the month-end covering all the challans created within the month.

3 All the different types of reports will be generated which are required by RTO.

The software is super easy to operate. It is proved to be very beneficial for individual RTOs.

Leo Fintech Solutions believe in providing the best solutions to their clients. As a Regional Transport Office, make your work super easy with us. If you are looking for such software, Kindly get in touch with us to get the most innovative software.