LeoSchoolERP is the top-notch school management software offered by Leo Fintech Solutions in Udaipur and all over India.

We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, brought this idea by observing the problems faced by the educational institutes.

So, if you are a school, coaching or educational institute, LeoSchoolERP is for you. LeoSchoolERP is offline software.

Features of School Management Software

1 The educational institutes are allowed to edit their institute/school information, create admin as well as create academic year.

2 Student

  • Student Registration: The complete information will be stored in the software whenever you will register a new student. You are free to add multiple students to the database. You can update them as well whenever you need to. You can also get to the student details within a second.
  • Student Attendance: The student attendance data for individual classes with their divisions can be discovered. All the data can be tracked easily that on a particular day the particular student was present or not.
  • ID Card Generation: The ID cards of all the students can be generated easily.
  • Student Promotion: The students promoted to the higher class can be managed.
  • Student Class Registration: The data related to the student registered to a particular class is managed with their roll numbers.
  • TC Issue & Multiple Print: TC can be issued and multiple TC prints can be taken.
  • Student Report: Student Reports can be generated which includes the student list, attendance, and class register data.

3 Fee Collection:

All the data can be easily tracked whether a particular student has paid the fees or not. The list of the students paid the fees and the ones who didn’t will be bifurcated.

4 Reminder:

Users can create reminders for any special occasion or function or event and also find the previous reminders made.

5 Mark Entry:

The marks attained by all the students in various examinations held in the school/institute can be managed easily.

6 Backup & Restore:

The users can create a backup in one click of all the data stored in the software and also restore that.

7 SMS:

The admin or another user can send the message to all other users in just one click.

8 User Management:

Different users can be created with different roles and privileges to the software like admin.

9 Staff:

With the help of this module, two below mentioned things can be done.

  •  Staff Registration: You can easily add register new staff, as well as previous staff, can be managed.
  • Staff Attendance: The staff working days and leaves can be properly tracked.

Staff Reports:

All the below mentioned reports related to staff can be generated easily.

  • Staff Registration Report
  • Staff Attendance Report
  • Staff List
  • Former Staff List
  • Staff Discipline Report

10 Examination:

In the examination module, only admin can perform the following tasks:

  •  Create Exam Master:
  • Create Grade Master:
  • Exam Master Entry
  • Reports: The following reports can be generated:
  • Exam List
  • Rank List
  • Student Progress Card

Other Features of the software:

1 The master entry of classes can be created by the admin.

2 The subject’s entry for different classes is to be made by the admin.

3 The class course mapping can be done.

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Note: If you want us to add a particular feature in the software other than mentioned above, feel free to contact us here, we are open to develop a software as per your needs.


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