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Internet of Things

From home to firms and industries, the Internet of Things has become quite popular these days. By using the Internet of Things, we are providing ease to the society. Leo Fintech Solutions has been working on this field from the last few years and now we can say that we have become expert in this field.

Internet of Things is the system of interconnected devices, mechanical, and internet machines, animal, or people that are offered with unique identifiers. In other words, the capability to move data without any need of a human to human interaction or computer to human interaction. IoT is here to make the world a smarter place for all human beings. However, this is just the beginning of the whole revolution to take place and to unlock the full potential of this technology, businesses will need to look and grab the huge opportunity to make the world a better and smarter place.

Leo Fintech Solutions offer the best IoT Services & Solutions because we understand and analyze the kind of solutions which will best fit your requirement.

Our Product

1 We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, have made a very powerful product which is quite useful for blind people especially. An object at 10 meters away from the person will be detected very easily with the help of the sensor attached to it.

Whenever an object is 10 meters away, the device will start vibrating and in this way, the individual will know that there is an object away. We believe in innovation and creativity and that too is reflected in our work.

Focus Areas

1 Home Automation:

All the IoT Products you need for your day to day activities and the devices which will help you in the smart living. For example, you can easily control the ACs or Fans with your smartphone.

2 Smart Enterprises: 

Connect machine, people, and data with the help of Big Data to magnify business efficiency in a safe ecosystem.

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