Google Analytics

We can track and analyze your website using various parameters with the help of Google Analytics. Like the number of visitors per month, the location of your target audience, website traffic, and a lot more. A lot can be done with this service offered by Google. It is the continuous process and a website can be improvised with the help of it.

At, Leo Fintech Solutions, we have a highly experienced team of professionals, who work very hard and do a comprehensive analysis of the client’s website. With this incredible service, we understand the data and work on the basis of it. The data itself is enough to understand the target audience’s likes, dislikes, interests, etc. Hence, it will help to understand the target audience which will ultimately help in running ad campaigns. As the entire online marketing is dependant on understanding the target audience.

360-degree marketing performance

We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, analyze the 360-degree marketing performance. Our team of experts executes a deep analysis of the following parameters. 

  • Bounce Rate – After a user comes on your website, the rate at which he or she leaves the website. 
  • Page Views – The total number of pages viewed by the users.
  • Sessions – A session is a collection of user interaction with your website which takes place within a given time frame.
  • Goal Creation – A specific goal that overall fulfills your marketing objective. Like if a user lands on a specific page or purchases the product or creates an account.
  • Goal Conversion – It is easy to track Goal conversions.
  • Session Duration – It is the amount of time a single user spent on your website until the session went idle.
  • Audience Report – This report will help to analyze the way through which the audience interacts with your website as well as the type of audience.
  • Traffic Analysis – A complete traffic analysis to discover the nature of the traffic.