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What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing is the form of social media marketing in which the marketing is done with the help of facebook channel. With the help of the Facebook Advertisement campaign, the product or service is promoted on the basis of the marketing objective. The objective can be brand awareness, customer reach, post engagements, conversions, and a lot more.

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world as there are 2.41 billion monthly active users in 2019.  It is estimated that the average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes.

So, we can conclude those huge potential customers are present over Facebook who can show interest in your product. Basically, each and every type of audience are present over Facebook.

Work Strategy:

At, Leo Fintech Solutions, we execute a result-oriented approach. Our work procedure begins with understanding everything about the client’s business. Like their target audience, the needs or requirements of them as well as the behavior and interests of them. Hence, we execute complete research to understand the audience in the best way possible. After going through that, we also understand your marketing objective and even help in providing a free consultation wherever requires.

Finally, a campaign is created and run to yield the best results by analyzing and improvising all the parameters of the Facebook ad campaign. The ads are being monitored by our team of Facebook ad experts and finally, the Facebook ad reporting is done in which we provide a detailed monthly report concerning your Facebook ad campaign.

Remarketing: Most of the Facebook marketing agencies ignore this most important thing which drives sales online. We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, use the retargeting or remarketing through which major conversions take place.

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