What is SEM & PPC?

SEM: SEM is Search Engine Marketing. Simply, if we are performing marketing through search engines, it is search engine marketing. It can be organic as well as paid. So, both SEO and PPC are included in SEM.

PPC: PPC is Pay Per Click. In PPC, we need to pay to the search engines a certain amount to display our advertisements at the top of the search engine results mainly Google.

Why use SEM & PPC?

You might have this question in your mind that with having a lot of other marketing techniques, why there is a need to use SEM & PPC? As per the statistics, 51% of website traffic comes from the organic search engine results. Also, it is estimated that more than 2.3 million google searches executed each minute. Think of your website is at the top position, how much revenue you can generate through this. Is there any great reason we have to use them other than this?

SEM & PPC Marketing Approach:

We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, offer the best SEM Marketing services in Udaipur and throughout India. Our SEM Marketing services include both SEO and PPC. The SEM marketing services which we offer are best in industry and also result-oriented. Our PPC Marketing Services are as follows:

1 Keyword Research:

Comprehensive keyword research is the most important factor for achieving outstanding results. Even if we have discovered the best keywords for your business, regular monitoring of the campaign is required to yield the optimum results.

2 Effective Ad Creation:

After that, we focus our energies on making the effective advertisement which eventually gets convert and helpful in making a successful ad campaign.

3 Landing Page Conversion Optimization:

We create an amazing and high converting landing page for your business.

4 Remarketing campaigns:

It is usually seen in the remarketing campaigns, the conversion rates are mostly high because in remarketing campaigns we target the audience who have previously shown some kind of interest in your business.