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This is the Era of Digital Marketing, people nowadays don’t want to follow the trends of traditional marketing. According to market research, there are around 47 crore Indians are daily internet users. India is the second biggest market place.

Every small and large business wants a digital marketing service. Leo FinTech Solutions, i.e. the best digital marketing company in Udaipur provide you 360 digital marketing services which will help you to grow your identity online. 

With our 360 marketing plan, we drive traffic for your website and this will provide you a 100 % ROI (Return on Investment). We convert your ideas into reality with our proper digital marketing plan.


Services Offered by Digital Marketing Company in Udaipur

1. Social Media Marketing

We are Specialist in all Social Media Marketing like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, & YouTube. Leo FinTech Solutions is a leading digital marketing company in Udaipur. 

We offer a wide range of digital or online marketing packages for branding and promotion for your business. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are very effective way of marketing because of connectivity of users on these sites. 

As per the Facebook Report, there is almost 1.62 Daily Active Users on Facebook during the third quarter of 2019.


1.1 Facebook Marketing


What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing is the form of social media marketing in which the marketing is done with the help of Facebook channel.

With the help of the Facebook Advertisement campaign, the product or service is promoted on the basis of the marketing objective. The objective can be brand awareness, customer reach, post engagements, conversions, and a lot more.

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world as there are 2.41 billion monthly active users in 2019.  It is estimated that the average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes.

So, we can conclude those huge potential customers are present over Facebook who can show interest in your product. Basically, each and every type of audience are present over Facebook.

Work Strategy:

At, Leo Fintech Solutions, we execute a result-oriented approach. Our work procedure begins with understanding everything about the client’s business.

Like their target audience, the needs or requirements of them as well as the behavior and interests of them.

Hence, we execute complete research to understand the audience in the best way possible.

After going through that, we also understand your marketing objective and even help in providing a free consultation wherever requires.

Finally, a campaign is created and run to yield the best results by analyzing and improvising all the parameters of the Facebook ad campaign.

The ads are being monitored by our team of Facebook ad experts.

Finally, the Facebook ad reporting is done in which we provide a detailed monthly report concerning your Facebook ad campaign.

Remarketing Campaigns:

Most of the Facebook marketing agencies ignore this most important thing which drives sales online.

We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, use the retargeting or remarketing through which major conversions take place.

If you are also looking for the best Facebook marketing services, submit your requirements today!


1.2 Instagram Marketing


Instagram is one of the best platforms to be leveraged in this online world.

Not only the youngsters, but you will get all the different types of the audience here.

Over the last few years, Instagram has appeared as the most influential and effective marketing tool for businesses, irrespective of their size.

By neglecting Instagram, you are just missing the great opportunity to expand your business and make more profit out of it.


Why is Instagram Marketing necessary for you?

As per the statistics, there are more than 500 million daily active users on Instagram.

So, obviously your target audience is present there. Whatever your marketing objective is, that can be easily fulfilled using Instagram Marketing.

Studies have found that 60% of the individuals who use Instagram says that they discovered new products and services on Instagram.

Even if you want to go ahead of your competition, Instagram Marketing will help.


Our Instagram Marketing Process:

1. Instagram Marketing Plan:

We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, begin the Instagram Marketing for your business by creating a full- proof plan or strategy as per your requirements.

For doing that, we will research your competitors and discover what they are doing, how they acquire new consumers for their business.

Based on all this information, we will create a perfect Instagram marketing strategy for your business as well.


2. Instagram Content Development:

After making a full-proof marketing plan, we will proceed to the content development stage.

We will create unique and visually appealing graphics as well as the content which will attract the attention of the users.

We will also send you the content created so that you can review and provide your feedback as well.


3. Instagram Page Growth & Monitoring:

We will perform both organic and paid activities to increase your followers, engagement, and overall page growth.

Also, we will inspect the page daily to be as responsive and helpful as possible.


4. Reporting:

We will provide you a monthly Instagram report each month in which all the metrics will be included like followers growth.



1.3 Linkedin Marketing


Why use Linkedin Marketing?


As per the stats, the platform has 303 million active monthly users, from that also 40% visit the site daily. With the huge market available on this platform, businesses can easily find their target audience.


Most importantly, 63 million users are decision-makers. That’s why Linkedin is the best and finest platform for the B2B Businesses because you can directly pitch your product or service to the decision-makers here. 


We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, offer the best LinkedIn marketing solutions to our clients. This can be easily understood with the help of the testimonials of the previous clients. We believe in offering quality and professional solutions to our clients.


Our Linkedin Marketing Process:


  1. We begin the Linkedin marketing with creating an effective Linkedin page. A Linkedin page is very important due to a lot of reasons like brand perception, reaching target markets, etc. So, it’s very necessary to have an effective and powerful Linkedin page.

2. Competitive Analysis: We will discover all your top successful competitors on Linkedin and understand their strategies and how they execute marketing with the help of this platform. As learning from success will ultimately lead you to the path of success.

3. Optimize Company Page For Search: If anyone searches about your company, your company page must be visible. So, for the optimization of the company page, we add relevant keywords, links, and share relevant content regularly.

4.Content Development: We will create engaging content and share the posts regularly on the company page. We will increase more followers to the page. 

5. Linkedin Ad Campaigns: After understanding each and everything about your business, we will create a powerful and effective ad campaign based on the marketing objective which would be result-oriented. By targeting the right audience, it will yield fruitful results.


1.4 Twitter Marketing


Why is Twitter Marketing Important For Your Business?

Twitter is very popular among celebrities. Although they are using other platforms these days as well as Instagram. But it is not the case these days because Twitter has around 330 million active users.

So, businesses can easily discover their potential clients or consumers there. Missing this amazing opportunity will definitely not help in your business growth as well.


What are Twitter Marketing Services?

The twitter marketing services are designed with a single purpose that is to help you with your Twitter marketing. Basically to execute result-oriented Twitter Marketing campaigns on your behalf. These don’t end with the Marketing campaigns only, but the Twitter page growth, followers increment, high engagement rate, etc are included in our package.


How we execute?

1. Twitter Marketing Strategy

We begin our work procedure by creating a full-proof twitter marketing strategy or plan. While preparing this strategy, most importantly we execute a deep research to understand your audience.

Basically a buyer’s persona will help to ultimately create the most effective Twitter marketing strategy. Also, create your competitor’s list and dig a little deeper to know about them as well.


2. Twitter Content Development

As per the strategy created, we will execute it. The content will be developed as per the strategy. The high-quality and unique content will definitely charm your consumers in the best way possible.


3. Twitter Page Growth

We will execute certain activities for your overall Twitter Page Growth. Like, follow the individuals who are in your industry and run campaigns to increase awareness among your audience.


4. Twitter Monitoring

Twitter Monitoring is also an important aspect. Maintain a genuine relationship with the audience is necessary. So, like replies to the comments, and other kinds of stuff will be executed by us.


5. Reporting

We will prepare a monthly report for you to analyze and review. It includes all the things like the follower’s increment, engagement rate, etc. You can have unlimited email communication with your team. We will also organize meetings as per your timings.

2 Content Marketing

content marketing services

Content Marketing is the planned marketing approach concentrated on making and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract and hang on to a laser sharped defined audience and eventually to drive profitable consumer action.

As we know, content is the king. The more quality content we have, the more successful our website will be. Most importantly, the strategy or plan we are making to promote our content should reach the right audience or the target audience.

The content should drive consumers. 

Leo Fintech Solutions believe in offering the best content marketing services to our clients. Our primary focus is to understand the consumer’s behavior and make content which answers all their queries related to specific products or services.

We always keep these things in mind while creating content i.e.

1 The content should be naturally shareable

2 It should be addictive and engaging.


Our Expertise

1 Blog Articles

Enhance your search exposure with the help of the articles and attract more audience in your niche. So, the articles will be written by our team of expert content writers who not only write the quality content but also addictive.

2 Website Content Writing

The first page of your website where the user lands are the home page. So, engaging and attractive content at your homepage can charm your audience. Not only the homepage, but the other pages are also equally important. It would be absolutely imprudent if we miss such a huge opportunity.

3 Newsletters & Email Copy

If you are looking to make aware or engage your audience about your product or service with the help of email marketing, then obviously you need a highly engaging newsletter as well as the email copy.

4 Copywriting

Copywriting is basically writing the promotional content in such a way that it encourages the user to purchase a certain product or copy.

5 Social Media Writing

Obviously you need to build a solid presence at social media as well, so why not write the quality content in your ad copies as well as the social media posts.

3 Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is promoting your product or service by using electronic mail (email). It can be any communication through email which is meant to develop trust, loyalty or used for brand awareness. We can execute different campaigns depending upon your marketing goal. 

best email marketing service

Leo Fintech Solutions, the best email marketing services provider in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

We make and send the outstandingly designed email campaigns for you. Email Marketing is the best alternative if you are looking for high conversions and to reach new consumers.

We provide many approaches in which take benefits of this simple and efficient technique of advertising, involving our well-known email marketing services.

That’s why we are well-known email marketing company in Udaipur. The glimpses of our client’s testimonials are enough to say that we believe in client satisfaction with our best email marketing services. 

Leo Fintech Solutions provides professional email marketing services in Udaipur by ingressing to millions of potential brand new consumers and make your email campaigns swiftly so as to grow your organization.

Email Marketing is not just about sending emails to the clients but in an effective way.

So, at Leo Fintech Solutions, we work on things like high email opening rates i.e CTR. Also, we work upon all the minute details like the subject of the email, email copy, etc. and we use the best email marketing strategies to convert potential customers.

Once we observe the recipients who have shown interest in a particular email, we make a unique strategy for them as well.

Our strategies are so effective that once the recipient has entered our funnel, the process will end by finally converting him only.

If you are also looking for the best email marketing service in Udaipur, feel free to contact us today.

4 Google Analytics

We can track and analyze your website using various parameters with the help of Google Analytics.

Like the number of visitors per month, the location of your target audience, website traffic, and a lot more.

A lot can be done with this service offered by Google. It is the continuous process and a website can be improvised with the help of it.

At, Leo Fintech Solutions, we have a highly experienced team of professionals, who work very hard and do a comprehensive analysis of the client’s website.

With this incredible service, we understand the data and work on the basis of it. The data itself is enough to understand the target audience’s likes, dislikes, interests, etc.

Hence, it will help to understand the target audience which will ultimately help in running ad campaigns. As the entire online marketing is dependant on understanding the target audience.

360-degree marketing performance

We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, analyze the 360-degree marketing performance. Our team of experts executes a deep analysis of the following parameters. 

  • Bounce Rate – After a user comes on your website, the rate at which he or she leaves the website. 
  • Page Views – The total number of pages viewed by the users.
  • Sessions – A session is a collection of user interaction with your website which takes place within a given time frame.
  • Goal Creation – A specific goal that overall fulfills your marketing objective. Like if a user lands on a specific page or purchases the product or creates an account.
  • Goal Conversion – It is easy to track Goal conversions.
  • Session Duration – It is the amount of time a single user spent on your website until the session went idle.
  • Audience Report – This report will help to analyze the way through which the audience interacts with your website as well as the type of audience.
  • Traffic Analysis – A complete traffic analysis to discover the nature of the traffic.


What is SEM & PPC?

SEM: SEM is Search Engine Marketing. Simply, if we are performing marketing through search engines, it is search engine marketing. It can be organic as well as paid. So, both SEO and PPC are included in SEM.

PPC: PPC is Pay Per Click. In PPC, we need to pay to the search engines a certain amount to display our advertisements at the top of the search engine results mainly Google.

Why use SEM & PPC?

You might have this question in your mind that with having a lot of other marketing techniques, why there is a need to use SEM & PPC?

As per the statistics, 51% of website traffic comes from the organic search engine results.

Also, it is estimated that more than 2.3 million google searches executed each minute.

Assume if your website is at the top position, how much revenue you can generate through this. Is there any other great reason we have to use them other than this?

SEM & PPC Marketing Approach:

We, at Leo Fintech Solutions, offer the best SEM Marketing services in Udaipur and throughout India.

Our SEM Marketing services include both SEO and PPC. The SEM marketing services which we offer are best in industry and also result-oriented.

Our PPC Marketing Services are as follows:

1 Keyword Research:

Comprehensive keyword research is the most important factor for achieving outstanding results. Even if we have discovered the best keywords for your business, regular monitoring of the campaign is required to yield the optimum results.

2 Effective Ad Creation:

After that, we focus our energies on making the effective advertisement which eventually gets convert and helpful in making a successful ad campaign.

3 Landing Page Conversion Optimization:

We create an amazing and high converting landing page for your business.

4 Remarketing campaigns:

It is usually seen in the remarketing campaigns, the conversion rates are mostly high because in remarketing campaigns we target the audience who have previously shown some kind of interest in your business.


6 Local SEO

Looking for the best local seo agency in Udaipur? 

If you have a local business, then you should not miss this incredible opportunity to promote your business and even acquire new consumers easily for your business. 

What is Local SEO and why is it necessary for your business?

Local SEO, which is also known as the local search engine marketing, is an unbelievably effective approach to promote your local business online as it provides a huge help to the businesses in promoting and displaying their services at the exact time when your consumers actually need them.

Looking to target your local clients or customers, you will not find a more effective way than this to do that. 

One more important statistics, you should know is according to Google, 46% of the searchers have a ‘local results intent’. 

So, see the incredible opportunity lies in Local SEO.

Well known as the best local SEO agency, Leo Fintech Solutions offers high quality and professional local SEO services to their clients. 

Why choose us?

1 Increase Conversion Rates: We really make sure that the leads convert to the potential consumers and do each and everything to get the desired results. 

Our primary responsibility is to convert the leads anyhow which eventually happens as your business reaches the top position in the local SEO results which will compel the user to purchase the product or service. 

Incredible Business Boost: Looking to boost your business in the online world and even in the offline world? Then, of course, local SEO will help from us will help. 

It will be really unbelievable to you to find how your business gain popularity among your consumers in a particular region.

24*7 Friendly Support: We are always available to offer great support to our clients. Always prepared to organize meetings whenever required.