Why AMP Websites is Good for your SEO? | Leo FinTech Solutions.

AMP(Accelerated Mobile Page) is use for making the website mobile friendly, they are designed to be fast-loading on mobile devices.When a standard webpage has an AMP alternative available, a link to the AMP version is placed on the page via a HTML tag. AMP is Supported by many different platforms & -its complatible across browsers.
As a Marketer it is not simply investing in mobile optimizing of your website that is not enough to stay on top of the google SERPs. Nowadays, users are spending an hours on their mobile phone, & if your websiyte is not finger friendly or occur slow loading than users will not navigate to your site.
now, an AMP i.e. Accelerated Mobile Page, a new project that promote speed & ease of use of online content readers. users that are suffer from slow loading time & it is affecting on SERPs ranking by amp mobile users won’t wait for more than 6 sec onds for a page to load. therefore, the faster your page, the higher your rank, & the more your content gets seen.When your website provides information that users are looking for in a timely fashion, they are more likely to stick to your website for a longer time, which helps keep a tab on your bounce rate.

How AMP can help improve ranking?

Nowadays, the number of people who use their smart phones to access the internet is increasing with each & every passing day. google has already searched its algorithm yo use sites as the primary version to index. that’s why AMP helps you to create mobile friendly sites that can boost your website’s ranking.
Although AMP is not a ranking factor, it can indirectly help improve SEO rankings.
there are 6 ways in which AMP can help SEO:

  1. bOUNCE Rate:- it is revealed that just a 1 second delay can affect in decrease page views by 11 percent, when your website will provide information to users are looking for in a timely, than the users will stick to your website for a long time, which will helps to keep a tab on your bounce rate.
  2. Better Content visibility:- AMP can help to improve your content readability, which is more important to your users, it can also help to earn more backlinks.
  3. Improve CTR(click through rate):- an important factor that google considers when ranking websites is the best way to users intract with them.
  4. Better Content Distribution:- No matter that how informative or entertaining your content is, if you are unable to provide information easily, than there is a higher chance of users migrating to other websites. because amp enable pages to load fast. when users are able to access content quickly, than they are more likely to share it on the other social media platforms.

How AMP helps SEO?

An AMP is all about speed. If you have receive a lot of traffic from mobile devices to your website then AMP pages can reduce the strain of your servers.This update to the ranking algorithm meant that very slow-loading web pages might be hindered in the search results.Therefore, if you are using such 3G/4G mobile device and you were suffer from slow loading webpage than AMP will help you to load fast the webpage. On using of AMP in your website it will help you in increase your SEO and Google ranking which is beneficial for your website.
AMP is also an open source coding stanfdard for publishers. Nowadays it is important because it simply put browsing on mobile while you are searching something and it is not always possible that your internet speed is fast & Also with amp it is possible to create simple mobile websites that will load almost instantly. that’s why it is best to optimize the the experience of mobile browsing for all users by standardizing a mobile version of your website with AMP pages.
Hence, amp gives two mainly & they are:- first of all it will fast label designation on SERPs & second one is it will increase your SEO ranking factor.It can enhance the user experience and their mobile reading. so at the lass AMP will result in more traffic with the better user experience, AMP is one of the best factors in SEO.

How AMP display in google SERPs?

When an AMP page is available, it can be disply in the rich results or can be in carousel result. when you are search on google you can notice that there is side box or in a rich result like content will display there. On Mobile search AMP page will display an icon for users can easily & quickly identify that what page will display fast & smooth. when you click on AMP page google will retrieve from Google AMP cache that enabling a variety of load optimizations that often make these pages appear instantly. Currently, AMP pages on desktop don’t display with rich features & also not served as from Google AMP cache. On searching AMP will display on different ways, like:-

1.Basic Result:-It can be displayed with blue or in a green color & view in right side of the page.

Basic result

2.Top Stories Carousel:- A container that includes articles, live blogs, and videos.

Top Stories Carousel

3.Host Carousel:- A container for multiple rich results of the same type on your site.

Host Carousel

4.Rich Result:- A result that includes styling, images, and other features.

Rich Result

5.Visual Stories:- A visual storytelling format in Google Search results that immerses the user in a tap-through full-screen experience.

Visual Stories

After users click AMP content

When users click your AMP content in Google Search, AMP content may be shown in one of two ways:

  1. Google AMP Viewer:- The Google AMP Viewer is a hybrid environment where you can collect data about the user & At the top of the Google AMP Viewer, the domain of your content is displayed so that users understand who published it.

2.Signed Exchange:- A Technology that allows the browser to treat a document as belonging to your Origin. Your page appears under your URL instead of the “google.com/amp” URL. To provide users with results in this format, you must publish AMP content as a signed exchange in addition to the regular AMP HTML format. Currently, signed exchange is only supported in Google Search for rich results and basic results, not carousels.