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Top 15 Websites to Learn Website Development | Leo FinTech Sol.

Let’s dive right in.

Your presence makes it pretty clear that you are looking for a career in Website Development, the high demand skill of the current century worldwide.

Whether you are a Beginner or an Expert you might have faced the same problem with your learning curve which most of us face, i.e. finding the right platforms to learn web development. 

To save your time and help you start learning and deploying your live web applications in a very short time we have researched & made a list of the best platforms to learn web development.

Next, you will find a list of 15 Best Websites that will help you learn web development free as well as paid online, along with widely acceptable certificates on your course completion. 

Is it right for me to Learn Web Development Online? 

That’s the question most of us will have; should I join an Institute? Or learn online? One very clear answer to this is in your own intention. Why are you learning web development? To get things online right? As a Website Developer, your demand will depend solely on your skills and your ability to learn new skills as fast as you can.

The time has gone when there used to be fancy institutes with titles that landed you perfect opportunities, now is the time of digital learning and learning as much as you can.

Here is the list of best-cherry- picked websites that will make you achieve your goal. 

1. Udemy 

Udemy - learn website development

Udemy is one of the Top sites offering over 1,30,000 Online Courses in Website Development and Designing with 2,45 Million students enrolled already.

Courses on Udemy are developed by experts with years of experience in Software Development.

Not only Udemy provide you with a free preview of every course for certain lectures before you buy but also the facility for you to interact with your instructor and students in the same course directly via the message / Q&A section. 

Courses are categorized as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced so that you can choose the right course for your needs.

Perks on Udemy are certifications & lifetime access to the courses, this means that you will get updates to all the latest lecture videos in that course at no additional price ever.

Over 4,000+ Enterprise and Fortune 100 companies trust Udemy for learning web development for their employees. Seasonal discount sales offer the premium course in less than 10$ for all categories of courses. 

2. Coursera 

Coursera - learn website development

Coursera offers hundreds of Web Development courses completely for free with course content prepared by Instructors from world-class Universities and Institutes.

It also has paid courses for which you get the high-quality assignment, assessment for your work, quizzes and shareable certificate on completion. 

Prices start from 39$ and course duration is between 4-6 weeks. Coursera now has a full master’s degree program for Master of Computer Science in Data Science from the University of Illinois since 2017 with prices starting from 15,000$ and an option to pay in installments. 

The quality of courses is remarkable and approved by Top IT Companies worldwide during candidate assessment. 

3. Treehouse 

Treehouse - learn website development

Treehouse is a brand focused on Web Development and Coding solely making additional features available while learning to make practice sessions more interactive.

Courses are available starting from 25$ and it partners with big tech companies including Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon for its course content and recruitment. 

Their latest program provides Tech Degree targeted to make you Job ready with additional services to review your portfolio projects, support from your fellow students and Instructor.

You can learn web development online from your home with their interactive sessions, quizzes and get your degree in 3 to 12 months. 

4. Codecademy 

Codeacademy - learn website development

Codecademy takes learning web development online to one next level. Unlike most other platforms it offers courses that work on a path.

Web development to say is a path for you, you need to start from basics and learn step by step during each lesson. Along with the lessons you need to write the code which will lead you to your final project at the end of the course. 

Courses are based on the latest in-demand skills like Python, NodeJs, Java, Markup Language HTML5 with instant feedback on your code for every lesson.

Codecademy Pro is a new program that teaches you how to get Job Ready with best code practices and interviews. You are guided in a definite direction with regular feedback until you develop a real-world web application. 

5. Khan Academy 

Khan-Academy - learn website development

Khan Academy covers the entire core to learn web development free through their online platform. It facilitates full-stack web development covering all subjects from database management, web designing, and development in separate categories. 

Emphasis is made on specialization in each subject with a focus on non- profit education.

Students have a record for their course progress and the same can be seen by their teachers. In the initial experiment, few schools use a concept called “flipping the classroom,” in this concept students can view lectures at home and teachers can use classroom time for practical work. 

6. FreeCodeCamp 

FreeCodeCamp - learn website development

FreeCodeCamp is a gift to learn website development for free. It has a community of millions of coders, provides free course certificates and experience of a non-profit organization.

Endorsed by Fortune companies including The New York Times, BBC, Time, Quartz and many more it marks its position as an Authentic and Valuable resource for learning web development online. 

It offers a wide range of courses in NodeJs, ReactJs, Git & Github, HTML5, Databases and counting with are today’s highly in-demand skills that pay more than 60,000 USD/Year as in 2019. 

7. W3Schools 

W3Schools - learn website development

W3Schools is a 100% free facility to learn web development. It offers a series of tutorials on each topic highlighting the basic, core and advanced features of a language.

You can learn major technologies starting with HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, MongoDB, Bootstrap, PHP, WordPress and each has a very well-crafted and organized set of instruction to make the topics self-explanatory. 

Term W3 is inspired by WWW but has no affiliation to W3C. However, even though the site provides knowledge on numerous technologies there is still a lack of support, timely update of the content and no facility for the certificate or to discuss the topic. 

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8. TutorialsPoint 

TutorialsPoint - learn website development

Similar to W3Schools, TutorialsPoint is a free web development learning platform with additional high-level services such as online compiler, Terminals, IDE’s, Document Editors and Database Points which make takes a step ahead for new users.

You can start practicing your work while learning online without taking into account your system installation for multiple compilers etc. 

It is readily used by Engineering students and IT Companies to provide initial training, thereby making it a credible source of updated information at all times. 

9. MDN Web Docs 

MDN - learn website development

MDN Web Docs is an open community platform which is developed and constantly updated by the employees of Google, Apple, Microsoft & Mozilla. They provide complete courses on specific language and a community resolution feature to help you solve your web development issues easily just by searching. 

It has great credibility in the developer’s community and ranks high for proving the web development knowledge base. 

10. HTMLDog 

HTMLDog - learn website development

HTMLDog provides tutorials on the core of Web Development that is the HTML, Vanilla CSS, and JavaScript.

Vanilla here is not an ice-cream it simply means that there are no supersets of CSS and JavaScript like LESS, SCSS, etc. HTMLDog has a clear and definite tutorial set with 3 categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Each category has tips and tricks to learn the core concept as per the industry standards. One important thing which they add here is the Best Practices, not many sites do this but HTMLDog has emphasized it at no cost. It is one of the best sites to learn web development for free. 

11. ClassCentral 

ClassCentral - learn website development

ClassCentral is a search engine and reviews site for free online web development courses popularly known as Massive Open Online Courses.

They don’t have their own course content rather the provide you with great flexibility to learn best web development courses for free with reviews given by genuine students by searching them on their platform. 

In today’s time when data is vast and finding real information is a difficult platform like Class makes life easier to find genuine courses which same your time in learning and development. 

12. Academind 

Academind - learn website development

Academind is a platform developed by Maximilian Schwarzmüller. They provide tutorials and courses on the latest web development skills like NodeJs, Angular, Firebase, ReactJs, Ionic, IOS. With a set of Free and Paid courses is considered a very good place to learn web development with an in-depth concept explanation. 

On their YouTube channel, Academind has a set of playlists available for free which provides basics and intermediate level tutorials on web development with these skills. One of the Hot courses for which they are best sellers includes NodeJs, Angular and React with paid prices not more than 10$ – 15$ on Udemy. 

13. edX 

edX - learn website development

edX provides courses from prestigious colleges including MIT, Harvard, and the world’s leading universities. They offer Free course material for a limited duration which does not include graded assignments.

In the paid version you get access to Graded assignments, Certificate only if you pass your course with certain points and unlimited course content available online on the edX platform. 

Courses are from reputed Universities and Companies like Microsoft, HarvardX, AWS which are remarkable in making edX a valuable source to learn web development to land a Job. 

14. The Odin Project 

TheOdinProject - learn website development

The Odin Project facilitates the Full Stack Web Development course with an added bonus of an open-source community of developers.

Courses start with tutorials and related documents along with you writing the code while you learn. This practice is followed by very few platforms that are necessary to learn web development in reality. 

At the end of your course, you will have a web application ready to be deployed and will work as a star on your portfolio. 

15. LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn-Learning - learn website development

LinkedIn has access to highly advanced course content starting from basic web development to more complex ones like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, AWS Cloud, Testing and more.

They have insights into what courses hiring managers are looking for and can show you the analytics according to your requirements. 

Since they also provide a network of candidates and recruiters, they constantly upgrade their courses according to changing demands.

Free content on LinkedIn is limited to specific courses and the price for paid courses starts from somewhere close to 29$ with additional features included for corporate businesses.

About the Author

Tofiq Quadri is the founder of Developers Hive.